My Skin Feels Incredible!


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  • Why Choose Us?

    Mint.s Body and Hello Hari are 100% organic, vegan-friendly brands created by founder Shannon Kerr. Both offer skincare, haircare, and tanning products made with natural ingredients. Mint.s Body seeks to provide luxurious, affordable skincare, while Hello Hari offers a streak-free, natural-looking tan with no stench. Both brands are cruelty-free, and will make you feel amazing and look radiant.

  • Meet Our Sister Brand

    After struggling to find fake tan products that wouldn’t come off patchy or make her skin itch, Shannon was inspired to bring sister brand, Hello Hari, to the world in 2020.

    Fuelled by the same philosophy of keeping skincare high quality and affordable, Hello Hari products are handcrafted with natural DHA’s, are vegan friendly and won’t leave you with that “fake tan smell” or come off on your sheets.