Getting the hang of it? Here's how!

Can I use Mint.s products if I have sensitive oily skin? 

YES, you can! Mint.s is perfect for all skin types. 


Can I really use the Mint.s Body Scrub daily? 

YES, you sure can! Also, using your Mint.s Body Scrub daily will save you from needing to take that extra step to moisturise, so no more time wasted standing around in your cold bathroom. 


How much Body Scrub should I use daily? 

We recommend 1 - 2 tablespoons daily. This should be enough to exfoliate your whole body, with one 320g packet lasting you approximately 4 weeks when you use it on a daily basis.


How do I use my Body Scrub as a bath soak? 

Just add 1/4 of a cup of your Mint.s Body Scrub to your bath for a rejuvenating and relaxing minty fresh soak.


Can I use my Body Scrub in my hair, on my lips and my face? 

The Mint.s Body Scrub is a multi-purpose scrub so you certainly can. Just be sure to avoid the eye area when applying to your face. If you’re looking for a more targeted treatment for these areas we also have a dedicated Hair Scrub, Lip Sugar  and Face Scrub.


How do I use the Hair Scrub? 

For best results, wet your hair, place one teaspoon of scrub into the palm of your hand and massage through. Massage your favourite shampoo through your hair with the scrub still in your hair before rinsing out. Follow with another shampoo and conditioner.


What are the benefits of the Hair Scrub? 

Our Hair Scrub is multi-purpose and will help to stimulate hair growth and remove any dry flakes or dandruff, while also giving your hair a nourishing treatment.


Can I use the the Face Scrub every day? 

Yes, you can. A light amount of the scrub will help to remove any toxins, makeup and excess oils to keep you looking and feeling fresh. 


How much of the Face Scrub should I use?

Just a small teaspoon amount is recommended.


How do I use the Lip Sugar? 

We recommend using your Lip Scrub 1-2 times per week to remove dead skin cells, hydrate and nourish your lips to get that minty fresh glow.


Can I really use the Multi Oil ten different ways? 

YES, you sure can! Our Multi Oil can be used as a moisturiser, tanning oil, hand and nail growth treatment, hair hydration and growth oil, hair treatment (just leave in for 10 minutes), bath oil, shower oil, massage oil, lip treatment and gloss and a natural highlighter. It’s the perfect must-have hydration packet for your whole body.


Can you use the Charcoal Powder as a face mask? 

Sure can! Just add the Charcoal Powder into a bowl, add some water and mix well. Take care making your mask as things can get messy.


Will the Clay Mask improve my congestion? 

You bet! The Clay Mask helps to remove congestion, toxins and allows your skin to breathe again. 


Are the Bath Bombs safe for my babies? 

They certainly are! Our Bath Bombs are made from natural raw food ingredients, so there’s no nasty’s, making bath time fun and all natural.