Can we really use our mints scrub daily? YES, you sure can using your mints scrub daily will save you from moisturising in your cold bathroom.

How much scrub do I use daily? 1-2 spoons daily will be enough for your whole body, one 320g packet will last you 4 weeks when you use your scrub daily. 

Can you use Mints if you have sensitive oily skin? YES, you can use Mints is perfect for all skin types. 

Can you use your charcoal powder as a face mask? Yes, Just add the charcoal into a Bowl and then add some water and mix well - PS, I'm so messy! 

Will the clay mask remove my congestion? Yes It will work on removing congestion, toxins and will allow your skin to breath again. 

I don't want to exfoliate daily, I only like a deep exfoliation? That's totally fine, use your exfoliation mitts for super exfoliation when you exfoliate 1-2 times per week.

Are the bath bombs safe for my babies? Yes They're natural raw foods with no nasty's. So time to make your bath time fun! 

Will mints remove your fake tan? The fine sugar granules we use will only remove your tan lightly add your exfoliating mitts for an extra firm exfoliation.

How do you I use my scrub as a bath soak?
Add 1/4 of a cup of your mints scrub to your bath soak and relax to get minty fresh.

Can I use my Body scrub in my hair and on my lips? Yes you can, We're Multi purpose scrub us everywhere. 

Is the scrub okay for your face?
Yes it sure is, but please avoid your eye area. Mints scrub is also a great scrub and face mask in one formula.

Can I use the the face scrub every day? Yes you can a light amount will remove any toxins, makeup, excess oils. To make you fresh. 

How much scrub do you need for your face scrub? Just small teaspoon amount.

Can I use body scrub on my lips, face and in my hair? Yes you sure can, We're Multi purpose.

How do I use the lip sugar?
We recommend using your scrub 1-2 times per week to remove dead skin cells, hydrate and nourish the lips to get that Minty fresh glow like the girls here at Mint.s HQ when they're ready to pucker up.

How do I use the hair scrub?
Wet your hair, Apply 1 teaspoon into the palm of your hand and massage through * Yes its going to feel dry! BUT just wait..
Choose your favourite shampoo
Massage shampoo through
Rinse well , and shampoo again
Condition and dry
Once you dry your hair your hair will feel soft & look like you have mermaid hair.

What are the benefits of the hair scrub?
The hair scrub will help stimulate hair growth , remove any dry flakes or dandruff without drying out the scalp, As the hair scrub is a Treatment and scrub in one.

Can you really use the Multi oil 10 different ways?
YES, you sure can! It’s a perfect must have hydration packet for your whole body to have in your bathroom cardboard.

How can you use the multi oil? Hair oil, body oil, shower oil wash, bath soak oil, face oil, tanning oil, hair growth, nail cuticle oil and much more. 


Give us two weeks to hydrate and soothe your dehydrated skin.

Get that Minty fresh glow Today! 


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