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I'm Back, Sorry I've been COVID FLOODED. 

We have been smashed! With new customers and CURRENT FANS placing orders for our new FREE local delivery deal. 

As I sit here on my laptop watching the Friday night footy with my glass of wine, I'm very grateful for all my support that I have received off you all. 

It's our 5th Birthday this month! OMG I know, where has the time gone. 

I still remember the first night ever making scrubs, with a bottle of wine of course. 

We started from mixing one bowl that made SIX mint chocolate chip scrubs to now, mixing unto 18 units of products. 

Like Holy moly..... I would of never thought this is where we would be today!!!! 

Just wanted to thank you all again for all the support, It means the world to me. 


Stay safe minty fans. 

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