Healthy Tips for glowing skin

Posted by Shannon Kerr on

Hey All, I'm back at it after the crazy Christmas rush. 
So every thankful to be ending the year with a 12k following, like wow I'm so friggen lucky to have my connective group of minty babes like I do. Oh and That's you, If you're reading this right now - You're amazing and 2020 is your year! 
But Here's my top 15 tips for healthy skin. 
  1. Cleanse twice a day 
  2. Moisturise - With the Multi oil 
  3. Exfoliate 
  4. Look after your GUT health - Try a probiotic at night 
  5. Move your body regular 
  6. Reduce your sugar intake 
  7. Minimal cosmetics 
  8. Sun protection 
  9. Green tea and loads of water 
  10. Control your dairy intake "avoid if you have acne" 
  11. Improve air quality around you "ocean breeze" 
  12. Try plain tooth paste haha "No joke" 
  13. Sleep well 
  14. Avoid Hot water 
  15. Here's some foods to add to your diet - Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, sunflower seeds, Fish, avocados, Walnuts and loads more. 

Try the simple things above, Love Shan X


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