No secret.

No secret.

No secret that your skin is the largest organ, considering it covers your entire body. Ergo, pampering your skin is the best self-care you can give yourself. Consequently body scrubs, aka the facial for your body, should be a staple in your beauty regime and here’s why:

Each hour, your body sheds up to 40,000 cells. Exfoliating helps to cleanse the skin, working through the rough layer to expose that soft and healthy new skin.

The older you get, the more assistance your skin will require with this turnover process.


Scrubbing all over boosts natural blood circulation and flow of bodily fluids. This encourages your body to detox by releasing toxins and fat that lurk within the skin. Most professional massage therapists will incorporate a massage, to give you more circulation benefits. 

BOOST Hydration 

Who wants to have to moisturise daily, like OMG who has bloody time for that. Your skins moisture is so crucial! Our scrubs are like so bloody moisturising you can say goodbye to having moisturise after your shower. 

We will help to remove dead cells which allows your skin to improve your skins ability to shine and glow. 


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