Shannon's Skin story

Shannon's Skin story

I'm Shannon the owner of Mints body, I grew up in the heart of Newcastle Australia, the town where everyone know's everyone and it's like a click click, HAHA! 

Today I'm going to keep it real, and I hope to make a difference to a Teen's day when they read this. 

Skin, hormones, popular group and emotions are HORRIBLE! 

But guess what I promise you that it gets better! 

My teen life was terrible, not my family just my skin and those nasty girls and packs at school, had the day's where I would lay in bed and refuse to go to school. 

Write and cry to my parents and write hidden letters of how I felt in my bedroom, wasn't that I had a great group of friends. 

It was my skin and the nasty comments that made it hard for me to jump and and GO! - Comments as "Hey Pancake you sizzling today?" LIKE WOW! 

After months of Dr's, Prescriptions medications, every cream, cleanser and Pro Active - as that was what everyone that walked past me told me to get!

One day I woke up and realised, Guess what! I'm better then that my skin will calm down and guess what it did, It seriously just happened in like a week when I was 18.

Miracle like I was just over the moon, Yes I still get that hormonal breakout, I friggen still hate them, But guess what life's precious and it's more then that you're beautiful no matter. *Inside matters most! 

Once you start to believe in speaking to your future and arising your dreams with Karma, it does eventually get that popular crowd, they become general people like the rest of the world.

My whole point to this message is don't take them to heart, deep down they are jealous of you in some way, or something is effecting them to make you feel bad from their own issues.

Once these's thought's changes you'll be feeling on top of the world, Trust me I feel like I could list a thousand jokes, about my skin that the popular crowd have said to me, it used to make me cry like a baby! Haha and I feel ya if you do it now - It's seriously okay to do so, they're nasty horrible people, So let it out, Don't hold your emotions in. 

Get up and go! keep calm and follow your dreams and grow bigger and bigger then anyone, Show them how big you can be.. 

Natural tip's in next week's ache blog. - You'll thank us later! 

I'll keep you all posted! #truth Love Shannon! 


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