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Here at Mints Body we have your Tanning tips covered.

  1. EXFOLIATE – Exfoliation is the key to a flawless tan! Scrubbing removes dead skin cells, opens pores and creates an ideal base for applying tan. 
  2. CLEANSE – To ensure a perfect all over tan, be sure to remove all deodorant, make-up and perfumes before applying your tan.
  3. MOISTURISE – Apply a moisturise to areas that grab colour quickly such as elbows, knees, hands and feet!
  4. APPLY TAN – Your tan will only be patchy if you miss a spot, so apply .
  5. START FROM THE MIDDLE  – Apply the tan starting from the middle of your legs, stomach, arms and back and work your way out. This will prevent your tan developing patchy and streaky.
  6. RINSE - Wash your tan off well and pat dry. 
  7. MOISTURISE – To extend the life of your tan, MOISTURISE with Mints body Multi oil to extend your tan and pack your skin full of hydration.
  8. REMOVE STAINS – To remove tan stained hands, combine your multi oil or your Mints body scrub and exfoliation glove with warm water and wash and scrub your hands thoroughly. 

Our Favourite tan here at Mints body is @ECOTAN. 

love Shannon Xo

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